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The typical funeral home in Utah is a small to mid-size family run operation with under ten employees. Most of these businesses are not small by choice; given the opportunity they would gladly choose to grow their presence. However, the competition between funeral homes in the Beehive State is fierce. In order for funeral homes to grow they must either increase their sales, increase their profitability, or both! To increase sales, the availability of services and staff must increase and, to increase profitability, expenses must be reduced. The challenge is to maintain your quality service while implementing these changes to continue to build your reputation.

Our Advantages

First Call Care

When a family or agency in need calls, a funeral home’s response time is of the essence.

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Conveyance and Sheltering Care

The Care Center of Utah oversees a fleet of vehicles, which are properly maintained, inspected, and insured to provide conveyance…

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Embalming Care

Timely embalming is critical to a decedent to help preserve their features for the family to remember.

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Reconstruction Care

Reconstruction is a personal decision that can be requested by your funeral home or the family.

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Cremation Care

Traditionally, burial services have been the life-blood of Funeral Homes but cremation services are gaining in popularity.

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